Root Canal Treatment is an advanced treatment aiming to remove infection which has collected around the root your tooth, the treatment itself has an 85% success rate. It is needed when decay in your tooth or under an old filling has spread into the nerve supply and along the root canal system. Symptoms such as sharp shooting pain, radiating pain on pressure, earache and headaches are commonly experienced.

Root canal treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic therefore no pain will be felt. The infected nerve supply is removed with specific instruments. Once the canals are disinfected and shaped they are then filled with a rubber like material sealing any voids. The tooth is then filled like a normal filling. 1-2 appointments are needed. In complex cases you may need to see a specialist.

Originally nutrients and blood are supplied to the tooth via the nerve supply. In root treated teeth, the nerve has been removed and therefore the tooth is more susceptible to fracture. It is advised that the root treated tooth is crowned/capped to protect the tooth from damage.

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