Dentures are a basic treatment to replace missing teeth. They are removable and restore functional activity of your mouth. Here are a few dentures we provide:

Acrylic Dentures – People are more familiar with acrylic dentures. The use of saliva and suction aids retention, sometimes a fixative is required. Acrylic dentures are available on the NHS.

Flexi Dentures – pride themselves on their name- they are flexible! They appear similar to acrylic dentures however are made of a thin thermoplastic which feels less bulky when worn.

Cobalt Chrome Dentures – Cobalt chrome dentures and primarily metal based. When worn they provide an aesthetic, secure and comfortable fit. Due to the metal nature the material on the palate can be made thinner than conventional acrylic dentures to prevent agitation of the gag reflex. It also conducts heat well making meals more enjoyable.

Implant retained dentures – dentures are held in with implants to allow you to eat with more confidence.

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