Dental Examination

Regular examinations are recommended not only to help identify and treat any dental problems early but to help prevent dental diseases from arising.

During the examination your dentist will aim to address any concerns you may have regarding your oral health. The examination will begin with a thorough assessment of the head and neck followed by an assessment of the oral soft tissues, teeth and gums. If required, dental x-rays can be taken at this appointment to further help identify dental diseases such as cavities and provide a picture of your bone support. If any treatment is required, the dentist will discuss all appropriate treatment options and address any questions you may have about these, leading to the formation of a tailored treatment plan.

Promoting good oral health and preventing oral health problems is a primary focus at St Andrews. We aim to achieve this by providing advice you can follow at home with regards to diet, tooth brushing and any habits that may affect your oral health.

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