Teeth Whitening
If you want a brighter smile, then tooth whitening is a great way to achieve it. Tooth whitening is the safest most conservative way to improve the appearance of teeth without damage to the teeth. The procedure will whiten the colour of tooth enamel but it will not whiten fillings/crowns/veneers or restorations. It is a great way of achieving a gleaming smile under professional guidance.

Composite filling materials have become increasingly popular as a filling of choice in both front and back teeth. This is due to its ability to be closely matched to the natural shade of the tooth and produce very aesthetically pleasing results.

Composite is a resin based material which sticks to the tooth structure allowing for less natural tooth to be removed and strengthening the existing tooth structure.

Bioclear composite
This advanced teeth bonding technique is a minimally invasive and cost effective dental treatment that uses clear forms that are then filled with heated composite material matched to the shade of your teeth. The Biofilm (a layer of bacteria on the surface of all teeth) is removed prior to placement of the composite. The clear form sits just below the gum line so that the teeth appear to emerge naturally. Using this technique your qualified dentist is able to fill black triangles, close gaps and build up uneven teeth.

Once completed there is a smooth contoured composite that has a beautiful shine and is smooth to the touch. The light contacts achieved with this system mean that the papilla (the gum between the teeth) is hugged back into place, revealing a healthy and youthful smile with a natural finish.

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