Basic Examinations - regular examinations are of paramount importance in order for us to check the overall health of your teeth, gums and soft tissues. At each examination in addition to checking your teeth we also check the condition of your gums and cancer screening.

Hygienist - We have a full time Hygienist/Therapist who is available to work with our patients to help manage gum health therefore combating tooth loss. She will monitor the condition of the gums, discuss your oral hygiene routine with you and give advice on how to tweek it at home to get the best results needed from your cleaning.

Amalgam - They are silver fillings that are commonly found in most peoples back molar teeth. They consist of a mixture of metals such as silver, tin and copper. They also contain mercury. Benefits: they are more affordable and long lasting and they are also quick to do.

Composites (white fillings) - They are fillings that are used to match the same colour as your existing tooth. They have become very popular due to the fact that they are aesthetically leasing and for people who are against the mercury found in mercury fillings.

Root Canal Treatments. Why do we sometimes do root canal? The decay in your tooth has destroyed the tooth structure all the way into the nerve which sits in the middle of your tooth and runs all the way into the roots of your tooth. We therefore remove the damaged or dead nerve in the root. The tooth is then filled with a filling material. Root filled teeth are generally crowned after this due to the fact that they become brittle.

Dentures - This is a removable appliance that replaces missing teeth or in some cases all of your teeth. There are different types of dentures.

a) Chrome cobalt denture-They have a metal base which make the denture very strong and also thin, because they grip onto your own teeth for retention they can be made smaller than conventional acrylic dentures.

b) Acrylic denture-They are made from acrylic and are the pink plastic denture that people are more familiar with. They are generally more affordable.

c) C flexi denture- they are similar to the acrylic denture but it is flexible which means they can be made smaller.

Orthodontics - Inman aligner - this is an affordable system that can be used if you only want your front teeth straightened. It generally takes 3 months to complete and is more affordable than general braces. However this system cannot move back teeth. 'All in' and 'Six Months Smiles' orthodontic systems are also available - Ask your dentist for more details.

Snoring appliance - This is an appliance that is made for patient who keep their partners awake. Some people also suffer from sleep apnea( when you stop breathing for short periods of time) These people also feel tired during the day. We assess you before making you an appliance.

TMJ Pain - This is the joint that sits in front of your ear. It has a little cartilage in the middle that can misalign. This can cause you pain. Your dentist can diagnose and treat this. Veneer’s. Veneers can be done on your front teeth if you are not happy with the appearance. This is a thin layer of material that s glued onto your front teeth, it is either made from porcelain or composite.

Crowns - The crown of the tooth is the part that is visible in the mouth. We can make an artificial crown to protect your tooth and also replace lost tooth structure.

Bridges - A bridge replaces a missing tooth by fixing a false tooth onto the adjacent tooth. It can be fixed to one or more teeth.

Implants - Implants can be uses to replace missing teeth. Patients chose these instead of having a bridge instead of damaging a healthy tooth which the bridge would be attached to. Implants can also be placed if people struggle to wear a denture. Implants can be used to support a bridge.

Tooth whitening - Teeth can vary in colour. Like hair, generally our teeth get darker as we get older. Teeth whitening are completely safe so long as it does not interfere with the gum margins. Dentists have been trained to do this.

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